Formal Mentoring Program, YOU’RE

Success is a consequence of who we are, not what we do. True leadership involves a way of seeing and understanding life beyond a specific attitude, it is a way of preparing and reacting to circumstances in a coherent, effective and sustained way over time.

We all have the ability to choose the way we see and interpret our environment within the experience we have to live. We have the power to decide whether we want to execute as victims of circumstances or as masters of them, which will result in personal experience. Anyone, whether they are business, institutional or governmental leaders, working people from any field, institutions, governments, we are responsible for what happens in our environment.

It may be that right now you feel that you are not progressing or you feel that you do not fit into the organizational chart of the institution or your team. This leads you to stress, frustration, anxiety, lack of direction, motivation and perspective. What you feel is not right, it has to change.
With the You'Re formal mentoring program we will work hand in hand to achieve your professional goals in the field of international development cooperation.

Supporting Services

We will focus on understanding your needs, perspectives and motivations and then design an action plan to achieve your goals. We will accompany you in learning by sharing our perspectives, experience and accumulated knowledge of more than 15 years in the field of international cooperation for development.

Making contact and building the relationship

Support in drafting memorandums of understanding and establishing and follow-up commitments

Establish the objective of the mentoring process

Definition of actions to achieve the goals

Monitoring, motivation and feedback

Closure and projection of next steps

Don't wait any longer, acquire executive intelligence and train yourself to have executive habits that will connect you with what helps you grow. We will awaken your full potential and with your own skills you will achieve your goals.

Tell us what situation you are experiencing and let us help you solve what is not allowing you to move forward.

Human beings should always move forward. The biggest choice in your life is you.


Below are questions that many customers have asked us to help you understand the work we do:

What is a Mentoring Program?

It is a project promoted by an organization based on an organizational need, or by a person concerned with professional and personal improvement, from which a goal is derived.

In a formal mentoring process, a mentor is assigned according to the mentee's profile, establishing an ideal match between the mentor's experience and the mentee's needs.
It is a program deliberately designed to achieve a specific goal.
Individual formal mentoring processes take place throughout this program, between mentors and participating minds.

It should be noted that COOPERA4DEVELOPMENT's clients mainly belong to the public sector, contribute to social development, or develop in the field of international cooperation for development.

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