We are a consulting firm with more than 10 years of experience in international cooperation for development that specializes in empowering institutions to improve performance and make a positive impact on people and their environment, helping populations to thrive, not just survive.

COOPERA4DEVELOPMENT works under the highest standards of excellence and quality. We always strive to deliver more than expected, producing unrivaled results that are driven by both innovation and the satisfaction of our clients.
Ingrid Hernández-Ardieta Boix
Ingrid Hernández-Ardieta
She is Managing Director of COOPERA4DEVELOPMENT and a leading independent consultant specialising in ... [ + info ]

Ingrid has more than 10 years of experience in the field of public policy and institutional strengthening, specializing in issues such as migration and integration of migrants, employment and social protection, and crime and violence. As a consultant, she has collaborated with a long list of United Nations Agencies located in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean to improve the well-being of vulnerable populations through technical assistance, research and analysis, knowledge sharing, and capacity building: UNDP, IOM, UNHCR, ILO, UNSDG LAC, UNICEF, UNDCO LAC RO, UNODC, UN WOMEN, among others.

She also serves as lecturer and moderator, and she is actively engaged with universities and educational institutions in areas of her specialty. She is trained as a mentor and certified therapist. In her work she mixes both mechanistic techniques and those applied from quantum physics, which she applies at an individual level to improve people's wellbeing.

She obtained a degree on Labor Relations from the University of Barcelona (Spain), and then she continued her education at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), obtaining a Master's Degree on European Policies for International Cooperation for Development. Later, she studied a Master on Advanced Studies on Social Security at the Pablo de Olavide University, in Sevilla (Spain). Additionally, she has taken a variety of courses on topics including good governance, gender, and security in the field, which have helped her to develop the necessary skills to deliver excellent results and quality in her work. She is also a recognized consultant by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) in Mexico and by The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID).

Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro RojasLegal
Alejandro Rojas Pruneda is a Mexican lawyer standing out for his constant updating and professionalization efforts.

He holds a law degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, a specialization in Criminal Law from Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales, and a specialization in Constitutional Law from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He holds a master’s degree in Justice Procurement from the Attorney General's Office of the former Federal District and is currently enrolled in a Master in Oral Trials program at the University of California Western School of Law in San Diego, California.

Throughout his professional development, he has participated in important strategic litigation processes, contributing to the implementation of changes in the legal framework in important matters such as freedom of expression, constitutional control, children's rights, administrative law, and criminal law.

In addition, he has participated in important national litigation processes.

He has been frequently invited as a member of highly specialized legal teams and has built a collaboration network with lawyers throughout the hemisphere.

Rafael Moreno López
Rafael Moreno LópezExpert on governance and social inclusion
Rafael Moreno Lopez has over ten years of experience in ​​international cooperation, working in organizations such as the European Commission, UNDP, Spanish Cooperation Agency, and the Club de Madrid.

His work has mainly focused on social inclusion, migration, governance, and multilateralism issues.

As a Project manager, he has held positions both at headquarters and in the field in countries such as Mauritania, Niger, Honduras, Mexico, Myanmar, and Pakistan, developing dedicated programs on governance for democracy, providing support to civil society organizations, and increasing inclusion of marginalized groups. Throughout his professional career, he has participated in programs and initiatives aiming to support and strengthen local and national institutions on key areas such as management of migration flows, gender equality, and social inclusion. He has also contributed to global processes such as the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Compact on Migration, and the consultation process conducted for the recent United Nations report "Our Common Agenda".

Additionally, he has been actively engaged with academic institutions in Spain and Mexico, completing postgraduate studies on European Affairs at the University of Strasbourg (France) and migration issues at the University of Seville (Spain). He also has earned training certification on gender equality policies, issued by the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain).

Ivan Cuervo Roman
Ivan Cuervo RomanExpert on social
Responsible for the communication department of the company, community manager and expert in SEO and SEM as well as Linkedin profile...
XimenaGraduate of the bilingual Degree in International Relations from the University of
Graduated in Political Science and Public Management from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). During her working career she had the opportunity to explore the world of ...[ + info ]

Graduated in Political Science and Public Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). During her career she had the opportunity to explore the world of International Relations, which motivated her to study a Master's degree on International Relations, specializing in International Political Economy, at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). 

Throughout her professional and academic career, she has deepened her knowledge in the fields of migration, gender equality, development, governance and public policy. She is characterized by her social concerns, which have motivated her to conduct research in the areas of human rights violations. These include research on human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, as well as current trends in global migration flows and crises.

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